Visual Memory Skills Assessment

Predict Job Performance with Visual Cognitive Skills Assessment

Does your job role involve tasks requiring extensive working memory?

Visual Memory assessments provide reliable insights into a candidate's abilities, including their ability to:

  • Reduce distraction by maintaining focus on relevant visual information
  • Recall, compare and recognise the stored visual information to serve a task
  • Keep track of multiple instructions at the same time

Our Visual Memory aptitude tests measure a candidates ability to visualise and mentally store multiple visual objects, like graphical images. The test identifies how quickly a person can identify small differences in seemingly similar images.

The Visual Memory aptitude test result reflects how quickly a person can identify key details in graphical information and provides an insight on how large the person's working memory capacity is.

Such skills are in high demand and required for Architects, Graphic Artists and Engineers.

Visual Memory tests screen candidates who can perform well in tasks requiring extensive working memory.

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    FinxS Reasoning Reports

    • Visualise the percentage of questions answered correctly.
    • Dig deeper into the results and analyse a person's speed vs accuracy. Is it more consequential to hire a candidate who can perform under pressure or who takes the time to correctly analyse information?
    • Compare a person's scores to a benchmark to help predict job performance.


    Benchmarks and Job Performance

    Analyse candidates against a chosen comparison group. Compare results at an organisational, country and global level to provide additional meaning to the results.

    Quantify the attributes of your high performing employees to hire candidates fit for the job role every time!

    Reasoning Analyses have a 0.51 correlation to predicting job success. In comparison, interviews correlate 0.18, references 0.36, and years of experience 0.18.


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