Open 360 Feedback Assessment Tool

Create customised, fully-automated and action-orientated 360 Feedback Reviews.
A fantastic tool for management reviews, leadership assessments and performance appraisals.

Common uses for Open 360 Feedback

  • Employee development
  • Performance appraisals 
  • Performance management 
  • Team performance evaluations
  • Training needs identification
  • Performance evaluations 
  • Leadership development
  • Skills development 

Benefits of using Open 360 Feedback:            

  • Increased self awareness
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Self-perception vs reality (blind spots)
  • Identify training needs 
  • Improved communication between management and employees
  • Professional development
  • Skills development
  • Compare feedback from year to year to see development  

Intuitive​ Reporting

Highlight strengths, development areas and blind spots to create a clear and easy development plan.

Collate Feedback

Open 360 Feedback is used to measure skills, competencies or behaviours of an individual. It commonly combines an individual’s self-assessment and feedback from peers, direct reports and managers, into one report.  Open 360's are ideal to use in performance appraisals, or employee and leadership evaluations. A 360 review eliminates the administrative frustrations by automating the process.

Tailor the Reports​

Intuitive and easy to read reports highlight strengths and development opportunities of the individual. Results are usually presented anonymously and are used to facilitate open and transparent dialogue. Individuals, managers and teams can quickly identify areas for development and understand how to better support the individual. 

Build Your Own Questionnaire​

Build a questionnaire that aligns with your business goals and evaluation process. Choose from one of our pre-designed questionnaires or create your own! You have complete control and creative licence of the questionnaire. Customise the rating scale, add multi-choice questions or create space for open ended feedback. Decide if questions can be optional or ask for a compulsory response. 

Collate Insightful Feedback

Combine an individual’s self-assessment with feedback from managers, peers and direct reports anonymously into one report.

Identify Blind Spots

Identify blind spots and self-sabotaging behaviours. Understand behaviours the individual is not fully conscious of. Leverage unknown strengths in the person's role and highlight focus areas for development and behavioural change.

Highlight Strengths

Easily highlight an individual's strengths and natural abilities to enhance self-awareness and motivation. Understand where the individual excels in their job role. Leverage the individual's strengths to boost team and organisational success.

Recognise Development Areas

Identify development areas to map development pathways. Review feedback to frame coaching sessions and enhance collaboration between individuals, managers and teams. Understand how development will benefit the organisation.

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