Mathematic Logical Reasoning
Skills Assessment

Predict Job Performance with Mathematic Cognitive Skills Assessment

Are you looking to hire a candidate with a strong ability to apply mathematical concepts to aid decision making?

Mathematic reasoning assessments provide reliable insights into a candidate's abilities, including the ability to:

  • Use and criticise numerically based arguments
  • Understand, interpret and criticise statistical results

Mathematic Reasoning assessments are a great way to identify candidate's who can apply mathematics, logic, and statistics to help make decisions. Mathematic reasoning demonstrates a candidate's abilities and strengths in understanding logical applications of mathematics, evaluating arguments, and detecting fallacious reasoning. 

Such skills are in high demand and required for Research Analysts, Accountants and Resource Management.

Analysing data, decision making and drawing conclusions based on data sets all require an excellent understanding and affinity for numerical data.

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Powerful reports allow you to visualise the percentage of questions the candidate answered correctly. Dig deeper into the results and analyse the person's speed vs accuracy. Is it more consequential to hire a candidate who can perform under pressure or who takes the time to analyse the information in a longer period accurately?

Furthermore, understand the percentile score of the candidate and understand where the score in comparison to your population of choice.


Benchmarks and Job Performance

Analyse candidates against a chosen comparison group. Compare results at an organisational, country and global level to provide additional meaning to the results.

Quantify the attributes of your high performing employees to hire candidates fit for the job role every time!

Reasoning Analyses have a 0.51 correlation to predicting job success. To put it in context, interviews correlate 0.18, references 0.36, and years of experience 0.18.


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