Assessment tools for Leadership Development

Extended DISC Workplace Assessments help you develop the skills you need to become an inspiring leader, drive results and enhance organisational performance.

Drive Results through Leadership

Each leader has natural leadership behavioural skills and personal strengths that have developed over their working life. Extended DISC Assessments help leaders to identify, evaluate and utilise these strengths to assist them in a leadership development programme. Extended DISC Assessments support leaders and leadership teams to identify and overcome their development areas, transforming them into opportunities that drive results and positive change.

Leadership Training

Incorporate EDISC assessments into a leadership training course to help leaders understand their leadership style. With an understanding of DISC leaders can better adjust their behaviour to work effectively with their team members. Leaders will learn to understand their employees on a deeper level, including how they are motivated, how they prefer to communicate and their pressure points. 

Become a Transformational Leader

Leadership coaching is vital to effectively lead change, boost employee engagement and retention and drive strategy execution. Companies need their leaders to be flexible in the increasingly diverse workforce and evolving global marketplace. Leaders who know their natural leadership style will understand how to adapt their behaviour to suit any situation. With this information, leaders can skilfully influence throughout the organisation and lead people in an ever-changing workplace.

Achieve Results Through and with your People

Develop the ability to identify the natural behavioural styles of your team members. This will help you build a balanced team and produce outcomes that meet targets, satisfy customers and meet your management’s objectives.

360 Feedback for Leadership Development

Open 360 review tools provide leaders with feedback on their performance from a range of people they regularly interact with, including colleagues, peers, direct reports, and customers. Leaders performance is assesed against core leadership principles including, communication, people performance, influencing and company values. The diversity of feedback cultivates a broad understanding of a person’s leadership strengths and development areas.

    DISC Assessments for Leadership Development

    The DISC Leadership Assessments provide leaders with the tools to:

    • improve interactions with others
    • motivate team members
    • cultivate effective working relationships
    • build a balanced team
    • produce outcomes that meet targets, satisfy customers and meet management’s objectives

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