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Recruitment & Onboarding

Make informed Recruitment decisions. Predict how your new hire will fit into the role and select the ideal candidate every time with Extended DISC Assessments. 

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Team Productivity & Cohesion

Enhance Team cohesion in the workplace. Understanding the balance of behavioural styles and dynamics is integral to a happy and productive team.

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Leadership Development

Build a balanced team that produce outcomes, meets targets, satisfy customers and meet your management’s objectives.

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Sales Growth

Equip your sales managers and team with the skills and strategies they need to make a positive difference in sales with Extended DISC and Sales Competence Assessments.

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Company Culture & Engagement

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your current culture, plus provide a roadmap towards your ideal business culture with FinxS Climate Survey's.

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Professional Development

Increase self-awareness, enhance communication skills and cultivate great workplace relationships with Extended DISC Assessments.

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Employee Engagement

Utilise Employee Engagement Surveys to understand the extent to which employees are dedicated to and feel passionate about their role and organisation.

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Conflict Resolution

Incorporate Extended DISC into conflict management methods to resolve disputes and promote a peaceful and
co-operative workplace.

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DISC Certification

Become a fully certified Extended DISC Practioner with our training options. Learn to confidently debrief assessments and faciliate Extended DISC coaching sessions.

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