FinxS Reasoning Ability Assessment

Predict and measure job performance with highly intelligent cognitive ability assessments from FinxS. 

Abstract Logical Reasoning

Abstract Logical Reasoning measures the individual’s ability to understand the interrelationship between different concepts and to combine them on a higher level under one concept. It also measures how well the person understands “the big picture” and its composition.

Understanding Logical Process

Understanding Logical Processes measures the individual’s ability to understand cause-effect relationships. It reflects the person’s ability to understand how the information available influences the future and what that consequence of the present information could be.

Spatial Reasoning

Spatial Reasoning measures the individual’s ability to comprehend visual entities and the components they consist of. It reflects the person’s ability to manage the information collected by visual perception.

Predict Job Role Success

Integrate FinxS Reasoning Analysis Tests into your Recruitment and Development processes and create a picture of the strongest predictors of success in any position.

Understanding Social Context

Understanding Social Context measures the individual’s general sensitiveness to observe social phenomenon. It reflects the person’s ability to sense conflict situations and to reason how the interpersonal relationships influence a situation.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning measures the individual’s ability to perceive the relationships between numerical information. It correlates with skills needed in jobs that require ability to follow a logic presented by numbers.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning measures a person’s ability to understand written information, conceptualise it and find causal relationships. It relates to person’s ability to identify the essential information and understand how it relates to problem solving.

Identify Development Areas

Assess cognitive ability and DISC Style to gain unparalleled insight into how well a candidate will match with a given job role and overall organisation so that you can select the optimal candidate for the position.

Mathematic Logical Reasoning

Mathematic Logical Reasoning measures the ability to understand logical applications of mathematics, evaluate arguments, and detect false reasoning. It is the ability to apply mathematics, logic, and/or statistics to help make decisions.

Word Association

Word Association measures the ability to understand relationships between different concepts.  It relates to ability to classify information, combine data that relate to each other and understand differences between concepts.

Memory Test

Memory Test measures the ability to visualise and mentally store multiple visual objects, like graphical images. How quickly a person can identify small differences in seemingly similar images.

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