Assessment tools for Recruitment and

Take the guess-work out of recruitment and reduce the cost associated with a poor hire. 81% of companies expect to make more reliable, less risky decisions using psychometric tests. Extended DISC Assessments support the recruitment process from selection to onboarding.

Make informed Recruitment Decisions

That ‘gut feeling’ alone is not enough to ensure you employ the most suitable candidate for a role. Psychometric assessments provide an in-depth picture of a candidate’s behaviour and ability than interviewing and referencing processes alone. Extended DISC Assessments ensure you have accurate and comprehensive information to make a well-informed recruitment decision. DISC assessments can be used to support the interviewing process to ensure you ask the right questions. 

Employee On-Boarding

Extended DISC Assessments assist in the onboarding process to improve new hire retention and productivity. Understand how to best support your new employees to help them feel valued in a new workplace. Ensure your new employees are engaged, motivated and productive from the commencement of their employment with your organisation. Identify a candidate’s pressure triggers to help reduce workplace stress. Recognise learning and development needs to optimise workplace performance.

Identify Ideal Candidates for a Role

The Extended DISC Recruit & Select Assessments provide you with a clear understanding of an individual’s natural behavioural style and the types of tasks and activities they feel comfortable undertaking. This is hugely valuable when evaluating job fit for a role. Identify, in advance, how the candidate will fit in with the team, where their strengths are and where they may need additional support. 

Enhance the Recruitment Process

Predict how your new hire will fit into the role and select the ideal candidate every time with Extended DISC Assessments. 

Reasoning Analyses for Recruitment and On-boarding

FinxS Reasoning Analysis is a cognitive ability assessment designed to measure an individual’s reasoning skills. When used in conjuction with a Behavioural Assessment, a Reasoning Analysis helps assure hiring decisions during the Recruitment Process. Cognitive assessments are useful predictors of job performance and help confirm the selection of individuals with the greatest chance of success. Analyse individual results against a Global or Australasian Benchmark or create your own Company Benchmark.

DISC Assessments for Recruitment and On-Boarding

  • Screening potential candidates 
  • Identifying candidates who match job requirements
  • On-boarding and training
  • Learning and development
  • Identify preferred job content
  • Recognise learning and communication styles

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