Assessment tools for Conflict Resolution

Workplace disputes can quickly derail productivity and team cohesion. Understanding the different behavioural types of your team can help identify signs of trouble early on, helping to overcome conflict.

People Management

Workplace conflict is inevitable with today’s diverse workforce. Personality clashes, misunderstandings, or performance issues can hold businesses back from success. Incorporate Extended DISC into conflict management strategies to minimise and resolve disputes to maintain a peaceful and co-operative workplace.

Managing Disputes in the Workplace

Learning how to manage conflict efficiently is a necessary skill to prevent poor performance. Small amounts of conflict can cultivate learning and challenge established ways of thinking. However, if left unaddressed, conflict can fester and escalate rapidly. Extended DISC Assessments enhance the understanding of one another, strengthen relationships and help build trust.

Conflict Resolution Strategies

The best place to start a dispute prevention strategy is with your employees. The more they know about themselves, the easier it is to identify where and why conflict might occur. Self-awareness will enable your employees to communicate easily with others and establish what's really troubling them in a disagreement.

Enhance Conflict Resolution

Incorporate Extended DISC into conflict management methods to resolve disputes, promote a shared understanding of co-workers and maintain a peaceful and
co-operative workplace. 

DISC Assessments for Conflict Management

Assessment tools such as the Conflict Resolution Assessment enable the parties involved to discuss their individuality and their way of working together, recognising their different strengths, weaknesses and improving their communication with each other.

Individuals involved gain a better understanding of themselves and are able to modify their behaviour accordingly - commonly called behavioural flexing. Others frequently respond by also changing their approach to suit the individual or group they are conversing with. Behavioural modification is a great strategy to manage disputes and enhance performance. 


DISC Conflict Resolution Assessments

  • Help individuals build self-awareness
  • Identify most effective means of communication
  • Understand how best to negotiate with individuals by recognising their irritations, fears and decision-making style
  • Understand how different people with different behavioural preferences react in varying situations and especially under stress or pressure
  • Identify the person’s emotions – whether they are under stress, whether they feel insecure, frustrated, lack clarity in their role or even feel helplessness
  • Understand the influence of the present environment on a person’s motivation as far as certain needs are concerned

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