FinxS Online Assessment Platform

FinxS is the world’s most advanced online psychometric system. The integrated platform allows coaches and HR professionals to administer DISC Assessments, Sales Competence Assessments, Open 360s, Surveys, and Reasoning Analyses all from one system. FinxS point of difference is that you have complete flexibility over design and content for all reports and questionnaires.

Customised Reports

Create reports from scratch or customise 'off-the-shelf' assessments to ensure you obtain the data you need. Add your logos to reports or completely white label reports in terms of content and look and feel.

FinxS Open Preview

FinxS Open Preview supports live on-screen viewing of reports and data against graphics, competences, templates, behavioral descriptors and ideal jobs.

GDPR Compliant

HR Profiling and FinxS Oy Ltd International are focused on consumer privacy. While still delivering exceptional insights through HR and Consulting tools. The FinxS Online platform is fully GDPR compliment with many security features.

Analyse Company Performance

Reach organisational objectives by solving management and business problems, identifying and capitalising on new opportunities and enhance learning and implementing change.

DISC Assessments

Extended DISC®  Behavioural Assessments provide you with information to maximise the performance of your employees. Understand their strengths and development areas. Eliminate expensive mistakes, wasted resources and time, and costly problems.

Sales Competence Assessments

FinxS® Sales Competence Assessments provide explicit and tangible information to create a road map to success. Designed to strengthen and streamline learning, the assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales competences.

Reasoning Analyses

FinxS® Reasoning Analysis Test is an assessment designed to measure an individual’s reasoning skills in 9 different areas. Integrate FinxS® Reasoning Analysis Tests into your Recruitment and Development processes and create a picture of the strongest predictors of success in any job.

Identify Company Trends

Identify specific trenfs in the organisation, providing a comprehensive picture of the different behaviours that affect growth and development.


Collate employee feedback to transform corporate culture with FinxS® Survey's Platform. Build a picture of your current company culture and understand how to develop culture and enhance enagement and motivation.

Open 360 Assessments

Combine an individual's self-assessment and feedback from managers, peers and direct reports, anonymously, into one report. Easily pinpoint strengths and development areas to understand how improvements will benefit the individual, team and the organisation.

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