FinxS Workplace Surveys

Create fully customisable, action-orientated Workplace Surveys from Employee Engagement and Satisfaction to Climate Surveys and Customer Satisfaction.

Collate Feedback

The questionnaire collects individual opinions objectively and organises them in ways that best fit your needs. Surveys can be designed to understand a specific team or organisation's strengths, opportunities and development areas.  Gather information on the culture of your organisation and extent to which your employees are dedicated to their role and organisation.

Tailor the Reports​

Intuitive and easy to read reports highlight strengths and development opportunities of the organisation. Results can be grouped by organisational division and presented anonymously to facilitate open and transparent dialogue. Leaders can quickly identify areas for development and understand how to better support employees.

Build Your Own Questionnaire​

The flexibility of the online platform FinxS allows you to create customised workplace surveys to suit your specific business goals and needs. Get off the ground quickly using one of our pre-designed Climate, Engagement or Customer Satisfaction Surveys or create your own! Customise the rating scale, add multi-choice questions or create space for open ended feedback.

Uncover Trends

Recognise common emerging themes amongst employees and customers. Apply the insights to a clear development plan to enhance satisfaction, engagement and brand loyalty.

Measure Current Company Performance

Measure how the entire organisation, parts of the organisation, or any other group of people behaves or feels in their current environment. Use survey information to analyse the situation and support a development action plan. Compare information from other tools with information collected in the Surveys to identify differences between potential and actual behaviour

Understand your Customers

FinxS Surveys are a powerful way to collate the information you need to enhance your company culture or develop your business strategy. Gather invaluable insights into your company strengths and development areas, understand exactly what your employees and customers think of the organisation.

Develop Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction surveys provide the company with the insights to cultivate positive employee relations and a positive work environment. Capture employee attiudes to recognise indicators for employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity. Apply data insights from the survey to create development plans and reinforce employee satisfaction.

Collate Data Driven Insights

Capture data to build a picture of how your customers and employees view the organisation. Use the data to develop employee engagement and satisfaction or enhance brand loyalty among existing and new customers. 

Take the Next Step

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