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What is Extended DISC?

The Extended DISC Behavioural Assessment is a self-assessment that identifies the strengths and development areas of an individual. An Extended DISC personal analysis report provides specific and unique tips for individuals to support their development and enhance communication and leadership in the workplace. Using our Extended DISC assessments we help consultants whose clients are frustrated with the challenges of workplace behaviour and its effect of productivity. By partnering with consultants, 97% have noticed a positive impact on company culture and workplace behaviour. 

The Extended DISC test is quick and easy to implement, taking candidates only 8-10 minutes to answer. What makes an Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis different from other assessments is that it can measure unconscious behaviour to exclude the impact of the environment. This allows you to identify a person’s natural behavioural style and how they feel they need to adjust in their current environment. From this comparison we cannot identify a number of key feelings such as pressure and lack of confidence which enhance employee mental health and wellbeing.

Furthermore, the Extended DISC assessment questionnaire has strict internal rules for identifying and not processing further, results that do not carry the reliability required. If there was no process for identifying invalid results (like most instruments do not have) the overall validity of the instrument would not be as reliable.

Extended DISC provides organisations with an easy to use framework to identify human behaviour. The tool supports individuals and businesses to improve relationships, communication and critical aspects of business such as management and sales. An Extended DISC leadership assessment supports the development of leadership skills and also teaches leaders to communicate and delegate effectively to employees. 

Extended DISC assessments are based on concepts of human behaviour from well-renowned psychologists and behavioural theorists. Today Extended DISC assessments are part of human management systems of organisations all across the world, with over one million assessments completed annually.

Extended DISC Behavioural Assessments are the only DISC assessments in the world that can be completely customised to your unique needs and applications.

Contact us to start using the Extended DISC test in your organisation. It takes less than 30 minutes to set-up an account and start using the assessments.

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Extended DISC Assessment

Extended DISC International was founded in 1991 by Jukka Sappinen, an MBA graduate from the Helsinki School of Economics. Sappinen spent his early professional years consulting clients with the use of psychometric tools.

A profound understanding of the gap between existing tools and corporate needs enabled Jukka to develop what his clients were looking for. A comprehensive toolset that could be used to generate understandable, integrated information on an individual, team management, or entire organisation.

The instrument was developed and honed over several years (1991 – 1994), in Finland with the cooperation of key clients and experts in psychology, statistics, HR, consulting and IT. In 1994, the Extended DISC assessment questionnaire was launched and was introduced to international markets in 1997. The Australasian Extended DISC Partner (now HR Profiling Solutions) opened in 1998.

Extended DISC is one of the top five psychometric tools in the field today, and has spread to over 80 countries, with an annual growth rate of 20-50%. The Extended DISC profile, powered by the FinxS Online Platform, has been translated into 75 languages and is used by thousands of people around the world every day.

Extended DISC is the world's fastest-growing assessment system, a position maintained by continuing its essential research and development work. Which far outpaces competitors in innovation and customisation of highly validated profiles and related products. At the time of its launch back in 1994, the Extended DISC profile was the first computer-based application of its kind. At the time, all other competitors were using paper-based questionnaires. FinxS, the Extended DISC online operating system, is the most flexible and customisable assessment suite currently on the market with development continuing on a day to day basis.

As CEO, Jukka Sappinen states: "We recognise that the most satisfied people work at the best companies. Our goal is to provide our clients with the information they need to keep their best and brightest motivated and make the most of their strengths, which helps to ensure a better future for all."

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What tools do we have?

Extended DISC

Extended DISC Behavioural Assessments empower you to make better business decisions – with confidence. Eliminate expensive mistakes, wasted resources and time, and costly problems.

Extended DISC Behavioural Assessments are designed to provide information that makes an impact, is actionable and, most importantly, has a positive effect on performance.

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Competence Assessments

Top salespeople are committed to sales and motivated to achieve their goals. Their success is often determined by their natural predispositions, attitude and level of competence toward sales.

Knowing where to start in terms of development can be overwhelming. FinxS Sales Competence Assessment provides explicit and tangible information to create a road map to success.

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Open 360 Feedback

Open 360 feedback is a customisable and flexible tool for measuring skills, competencies and behaviours.

An Open 360° commonly combines an individual's self-assessment and feedback from managers, peers and direct reports, anonymously, into one report. The 360 is an excellent tool for applications such as coaching, leadership and man­agement development.

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Reasoning Analysis

FinxS Reasoning Analysis is a set of cognitive ability tests, also called tests of aptitude or intelligence tests. 

Reasoning tests are designed to assess the capacity or skill of an individual to perform specific tasks related to success in a job role. The tests are excellent predictors of a candidate's aptitude toward a position and their on-going success in the role.

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What assessments do we offer?

Individual DISC Assessments

Some of the most common applications of DISC assessments are leadership development, communication training, sales development and coaching.

  • You can tailor the reports to your specific requirements, including job roles and industry.
  • You can white label the assessments to include your logos and brand colours.
  • Your client only needs to complete one questionnaire, and you can generate multiple reports for no additional cost.
  • The reports are internationally validated on a bi-annual basis, so you can be assured of their reliability.

Our most common individual Extended DISC personal analysis reports are:

Team DISC Assessments

Team assessments combine individuals results in one report. Team reports help to identify team dynamics, pinpoint development areas and gaps in a team, and recognise potential areas of conflict. The reports show how team members are adjusting their behaviour in the current environment.

Our most common team assessments are:

Competence Assessments

FinxS Sales Competence Assessments provide explicit and tangible information to create a road map for sales success. Designed to strengthen and streamline learning the assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales competencies.

Sales Competence Reports include:

360 Feedback Assessments

FinxS Open 360 is an online platform that allows clients to conduct 360 degree feedback assessments using their criteria. The process is fully automated, eliminating the administrative frustrations.

Benefits of Open 360 Feedback include:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Self-perception vs reality (blind spots)
  • Improved communication
  • Improved performance
  • Professional development
  • Improved team dynamics
  • Compare feedback from year to year to identify areas of development

Reasoning Analysis Test

A reasoning analysis is a series of tests designed to measure a candidate's cognitive functions. The Reasoning Analysis helps to measure and predict job performance. Select from nine different tests, each measuring a unique skillset. Each test can be administered alone or in combination with any other tests.

We offer the following reasoning tests:

Combination Assessments

We've combined the best in workplace assessments into one easy-to-read report. These reports mean consultants no longer need to sift through multiple documents, instead all the critical information is consolidated into one document for easy access.

We offer the following combination assessments:

  • DISC Sales IQ (a combination of Sales Competence and Sales 18 assessments)
  • DISC IQ (a combination of Reasoning Analysis and DISC assessments)

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