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What does DISC Accreditation mean?

DISC is a methodology used by millions of businesses worldwide to enhance team performance, communication, and leadership development. By taking part in a DISC assessment certification course you will join expert coaches, consultants, and HR managers who can use DISC to enhance organisational performance.

A DISC accreditation gives you the practical skills and expertise you need to implement DISC assessment reports and methodology into a broad range of training, coaching and consulting applications. Become DISC qualified in the most advanced DISC assessment and support businesses to grow and thrive. 

A DISC accreditation provides you with the training needed to get up and running with DISC in a day. You will receive an internationally recognised qualification and the credibility and confidence to help people and businesses thrive. Learn to unlock the full potential of the Extended DISC assessment reports with training in the Extended DISC model.

A DISC profile certification allows you to:

  • Grow your expertise in the Extended DISC model and Extended DISC Assessments
  • Understand how to debrief and unpack an individual Extended DISC assessment
  • How to present the Extended DISC assessment report to a client during a coaching or debrief session
  • Learn about the changes in DISC styles across generations and cultures

The Accreditation Process

We have mapped out a training pathway to give you a step-by-step guide of the three training levels available and what to expect from each level of DISC accreditation. The first step in the accreditation process is the level one practitioner. Completing the level one workshop allows you to become a DISC trainer.


Level One - Practitioner

Understand the background of the Extended DISC Model of behaviour, examine the four main behavioural styles and combinations.

Gain an understanding of how people are motivated, approach tasks and goals, experience stress and are likely to communicate. You will become fully qualified to interpret and debrief DISC profile reports.

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Level Two - Consultant

This training course is available to consultants who want to take their understanding of DISC to a deeper level. Consultants will learn how to apply DISC in a workplace context to enhance business success.

The Level Two accreditation provides you with the ability to drill down into the real issues that enhance or restrict performance.

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Level Three - Master Trainer

The third level of training is the Level Three DISC accreditation. The purpose of this course is for coaches and trainers that intend to hold regular DISC training courses either as a public workshop or in-house sessions.

The Level Three accreditation has strict pre-requisites and is for coaches and trainers who want to become a DISC Master Trainer and accredit others. 

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Become a DISC Trainer!

What is included in your DISC accreditation?

Our Level One course is a full DISC qualification. The Extended DISC workshop is a comprehensive and interactive full-day of training, available online, in-house or at a public accreditation. The Level One workshop allows you to become DISC qualified in just one day!

Accreditation includes:

  • The history and background of DISC theory and the primary DISC personalities
  • Learn how DISC can help inform how people are motivated, approach tasks and goals, experience stress and are likely to communicate
  • The five-step model to interpret DISC profile reports and practical exercises to help you learn how to debrief reports
  • Your own DISC profile report
  • Free set-up of your FinxS Administration Account and branding of your reports
  • Qualifies for 7 CPD points

Attending our Extended DISC accreditation courses not only provides you with an official DISC profile certification. You will also receive your own Extended DISC Behavioural Report and gain access to your own FinxS account so that you can independently manage and administer workplace assessments. As a DISC Consultant you will also have life-time access to our VIP area where you can access a large range of marketing material, presentation templates, support manuals and more!

Why our DISC accreditation is different from others

With several DISC based assessments available, it's challenging to know which one to choose. Below is an outline of a few ways that our DISC Profile tool is different and can equip your organisation with a competitive advantage. 

Most DISC Profiles only assess 4 - 16 behavioural styles. Extended DISC Assessment reports analyse 160 different behavioural styles, which allows for more in-depth reporting and a more profound understanding of a person's unique behavioural style.

DISC assessments often focus only on what the respondents think they need to be in their current environment. Consequently, the results can be easily manipulated and change drastically over time. What makes the Extended DISC tool different is its ability to measure a person's hard-wired DISC-style. The results show who the individual is and not what the person thinks they need or want to be. As a result, Extended DISC identifies the real strengths and developmental areas to allow for accurate performance improvement.

Extended DISC Assessments are one of the most highly validated and reliable workplace assessments and undergo vigorous reliability and validation checks on a bi-annual basis. The latest study analysed over 880,000 results across 75 different languages and multiple countries. As a qualified Extended DISC consultant you will boost your credibility by using the most intelligent and strongly validated workplace assessment tools on the market. 

By taking part in a DISC assessment certification course you will become accredited in the world's most intelligent and valid DISC tool. Leverage the global reach and credibility of Extended DISC. 

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Learning outcomes of the accreditation

Understand how the Extended DISC System evolved, the background of Human Behaviour, and the four main Extended DISC Behavioural Styles, dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance.

Understand the difference between natural and adapted behaviours and how Extended DISC assessment reports distinguish between the two. 

We help you prepare for independent administration and interpretation of Extended DISC and the debriefing process. You will learn how to debrief the Extended DISC profiles and interpret the Flexibility Diamond. We also teach you how to identify important 'emotions' seen in graphs through the ten special cases. 

You will also learn how Extended DISC profiling is commonly applied in the business environment and how easy the FinxS platform is to use in administering reports for yourself or a client. 

What can you do once you have passed our DISC accreditation?

The Level One Workshop will empower you with in-depth, practical information on human behaviour. It will provide you with an Extended DISC certification so that you can use the diagnostic tool with your people and confidently debrief them on their behavioural assessment.

With an Extended DISC certification, you can host DISC workshops or integrate your extensive knowledge of DISC into your consulting toolkit. Our DISC trainers have lots of industry experience and provide practical advice to help you integrate DISC into your consulting offering.

What other certifications do we offer to consultants?

Are you looking for other workplace assessment tools to compliment your coaching and consulting sessions? In addition to the DISC profile certification we also offer certifications for Sales Competence Assessments and Reasoning Analysis tools.

Sales Competence Accreditation

Become fully qualified to interpret and debrief Sales Competence Assessments. Learn how to use Sales Competence Assessments to hire new salespeople and develop an existing salesforce.

Explore the 18 Sales Competencies, Sales Mindsets, Job Roles and Excuse Index to understand how to apply this in-depth assessment to sales development. Learn how to incorporate Sales Competence Assessments to take talent development to the next level.

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Reasoning Analysis Accreditation

Develop an understanding of intelligence and cognitive ability and learn why Reasoning Analysis tools are great indicators of job performance and a candidate's aptitude toward job role tasks.

Understand the differences between and applications of the nine Reasoning Analysis Tests. We prepare you for independent administration and interpretation of the FinxS Reasoning Analysis and provide practical advice to integrate the tests into your recruitment processes.

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Become DISC accredited