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Equip your sales managers and team with the skills and strategies they need to make a positive difference in sales. Guide your sales professionals to superior performance with Extended DISC and Sales Competence Assessments.


How to Increase Sales?

Increasing sales is the central goal of countless Australian organisations. Whether you are a small or large business, sales training and coaching are two of the most powerful strategies to increase sales success in every stage of the sales cycle. Strategies to improve sales growth commonly include sales growth training, coaching and assessment tools. Coaching has a significant impact on an organisation's sales development strategy, which positively influences meeting sales targets, achieving growth and superior sales performance. A DISC assessment of salespeople in the organisation is an effective tool to uncover development areas and strengths.

One of the critical steps in a sales development plan or coaching session is a sales aptitude test. Sales aptitude tests identify gaps in performance and equip your sales managers and team with the skills and strategies they need to make a positive difference in sales.

How to assess your sales team performance

Achieving a sales KPI is a significant factor in assessing the performance of a sales team. However, many other critical aspects contribute to hitting sales targets. Sales training assessments are an effective way to understand where your team is currently at and to measure progress. 

A competence assessment is an assessment of salespeople and specifically the skills required to perform successfully in a sales role. A sales competence assessment allows sales managers to look holistically at their team, benchmark top performers, and pinpoint people who may need extra development. 

A significant part of sales performance is how well salespeople interact with others. Their ability to effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate prospects is a crucial skill in creating converting prospects and creating long-term partnerships with clients. Extended DISC® assessments help increase sales performance and uncover your team's opportunities for development.

  • Identify your team's natural hard-wired DISC behavioural styles
  • Identify gaps in your current sales performance
  • Adjust team members' responsibilities to enhance sales performance and motivation
  • Measure the attitude of your sales team toward crucial behaviours in the sales process
  • Understand how your team currently view their level of sales competence

Our DISC Sales IQ test does what no other sales assessment can and connect a salespersons sales competence level to their DISC behavioural style. The combination of the two technologies gives recruiters compelling insight into whether a candidate can quickly develop specific skills or if they are working against their natural behavioural style.

How to improve sales team performance

FinxS Sales Competency assessment tests and Extended DISC assessments transform the way that we understand salespeople. We can target specifically, sales competencies and behaviours that are coachable and, ultimately, can be improved. Sales assessments support teams to achieve higher levels of confidence and motivation. Insights from the Team Sales Competency assessment teach us how to improve sales team performance.

  • Recognise the strengths and development areas of salespeople
  • Identify the current level of sales competence
  • Pinpoint areas that can be developed rapidly by identifying activities that come naturally to your salespeople
  • Measure underlying sales mindsets
  • Identify a salesperson's commitment to sales activities with the Excuse Index®
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with the DISC Styles to increase sales

An important role of a sales manager is to match their sales team members to steps in the sales process to help facilitate more sales and excellent sales performance. The Sales Manager Assessment provides managers with a competency-based approach to build a winning sales team. A report identifies the top sales competencies, mindsets, and roles of an individual and matches them to steps in the sales process that correspond to their strengths.

Sales Training and Tools

There are many strategies to improve sales growth. Often these strategies include sales training and tools. We provide Australian businesses with sales training and tool solutions to use in-house or with their clients. 

Extended DISC

The Extended DISC® model easily applies to sales due to its simplicity and accuracy. Using Extended DISC® theory in sales allows sales professionals to quickly and easily identify customer styles and adapt the sales pitch to their behavioural style.

The FinxS Sales 18 Assessment identifies a sales professional's natural, hard-wired DISC behavioural tendencies in 18 competencies critical to sales success. Each of the 18 competencies is deconstructed into individual behavioural attributes to allow for clear identification of an individual's unique sales strengths and development areas. FinxS Sales 18 also identifies if sales professionals are performing better than their natural style predicts or if they are not using their full potential.

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Sales Competence Assessment

The FinxS Sales Competence Assessments provide you with a competency framework to maximise the performance of your salespeople. The assessment strengthens and streamlines sales development and identifies strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales competences.

FinxS Sales Competence Development reports indicate areas in which an individual may need development and provides practical coaching tips and development plans to enhance sales performance. Managers can identify competences crucial to their organisation, assess your sales team and highlight strengths and areas for development and coaching to jumpstart development and progress.

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Improve Sales Performance

The Extended DISC® model is easily applied to sales due to its simplicity and accuracy. Using Extended DISC® in sales allows salespeople to quickly and easily identify customer styles and adapt the sales pitch to their behavioural style.

Sales Aptitude Testing

The FinxS Sales Competence Assessment is a sales aptitude test that measures behavioural traits that are critical to success in sales. Top salespeople are highly effective in their role. They are committed to selling and motivated to achieve their goals. Sales aptitude testing helps managers to identify top performers who are commited to sales and whose skills match the requirements of the role.

The natural predispositions, attitude, level of competence and mindset of salespeople towards sales activities, often determine their sales success. Knowing where to start in terms of development can be overwhelming. FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment provides explicit and tangible information to create a road map to success.

The sales competency assessment test is designed to strengthen and streamline learning and identifies strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales competences. The assessment measures:

  • The individual’s current level of sales competence 
  • Underlying sales mindsets
  • The sales excuse index
  • Percentage match against different sales roles

There are three sales aptitude test reports available. These are development, recruitment, and the managers report. The management and sales aptitude profiles help the manager understand an employees strengths, weaknesses, and development needs at different stages of the sales process. 

What is the Sales Competence Accreditation

The Sales Competence Accreditation equips sales coaches and managers with the skills to interpret and apply the Sales Competence Assessments to hire new staff and develop an existing salesforce. During the accreditation, we explore the 18 Sales Competencies, Sales Mindsets, Job Roles and Excuse Index to understand how to apply this in-depth assessment to the workplace. Learn how to integrate the Extended DISC® Assessments with the Sales Competence Assessment to understand how a person's DISC style may impact their sales success.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Confidently interpret and debrief the Sales Competence tool
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the 18 Sales Competencies, Sales Mindsets and Excuse Index®
  • Connect the sales tool to Extended DISC® methodology for more in-depth analysis and development
  • Apply the Sales Competence Development and Recruitment Assessments to coaching, consulting and recruitment situations.

DISC assessments for sales growth

Success in sales is often determined by how well sales professionals interact with their clients and prospects. Top salespeople are confidently self-aware and able to communicate their sales pitch with little stress or pressure. 

These successful professionals not only understand their DISC style but also understand the DISC types of others. Their ability to effectively relate, communicate and influence is crucially important when selling and creating relationships with clients and prospects. They understand how they need to behave and interact to be successful.

Are your Sales Professionals more of a 'Hunter' Sales Style or an 'Expert?' Some products require specialist knowledge, some roles require cold calling, while others require more of a personal touch. Every organisation has a specific need for a different approach, and some may even require a variety of sales methods. Understanding the traits needed enhances the chances of success. The DISC Sales and Service assessment identifies the sales behavioural style of your people so you can ensure they are in the right roles.

How to Improve Sales Performance with DISC

Knowledge of the DISC Sales methodology significantly improves sales performance. Salespeople aware of the DISC styles can effortlessly adjust their sales pitch to suit their prospect whether it be identifying C personality types and providing them with more detail or identifying D personality types and making them feel in charge. A salesperson is more effective when they are aware of the DISC styles and their needs. DISC sales workshops are an effective way for salespeople to learn how to improve sales performance. 

How to Improve Sales Training with DISC

Incorporating DISC theory and DISC assessments can help improve sales training for employees and entire organisations, as well as inexperienced salespeople and experienced salespeople. 

Sales training centred in DISC theory teaches salespeople that to be successful, they need to understand their own sales style, and also identify and adjust to their clients’ DISC styles. Sales training provides salespeople with the skills to identify the behavioural type of their customer or prospect and how to tweak their sales pitch to enhance the sales process and motivate a buying decision. These skills help salespeople successfully facilitate customer-centric interactions that improve sales results.

Measure sales excuse index

Achieve sales growth with the FinxS Sales Competence Assessment. Use the Excuse Index to uncover how dedicated to sales your salespeople are. The lower the Excuse Index® percentage is, the more likely a person is to ignore non-sales activities and instead focus on actions that directly produce sales results. Managers can identify how likely their salesperson is to procrastinate on sales tasks. Use this to delve deeper into issues that could be holding your salespeople back from success.

Assess your Sales Team