Sales Competence Accreditation

Become fully qualified to interpret and debrief Sales Competence Assessments. FinxS® Sales Competence tool provides explicit and tangible information to create a road map to sales success. Designed to strengthen and streamline sales development, the assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales competencies.

About the Course:

Learn how to use the Sales Competence Assessments to hire new staff and develop an existing salesforce. Explore the 18 Sales Competencies, Sales Mindsets, Job Roles and Excuse Index to understand how to apply this in-depth assessment to the workplace. Learn how to incorporate Extended DISC Assessments with the Sales Competence Assessment to understand how a person's DISC style may impact their sales success.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Confidently interpret and debrief the Sales Competence tool
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the 18 Sales Competencies, Sales Mind-sets and Excuse Index®
  • Connect the sales tool to Extended DISC methodology for deeper analysis and development
  • Apply the Sales Competence Development and Recruitment Assessments to coaching, consulting and recruitment situations.

    Training Dates - 2020

    Date Location Description
    16th and 19th October                Online               This course will be held virtually over two 3-hour sessions.


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