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How Workplace Assessments Can Help Increase Employee Retention

There is no doubt that employee retention has a massive impact on the bottom line. Employee turnover is a high cost to businesses as they re-hire for the role and induct the new employee. Excellent employee retention not only saves in time and money, it can also set you apart as an innovative company with great culture, think about the likes of Google and Apple as an example. Not only will this help you attract top talent, it will also help you to retain it. 

DISC assessments help us to identify talent and understand their unique needs, such as their ideal environment and factors that may negatively impact their stress levels. Using a DISC assessment, we can also understand how they are motivated and find the key to providing rewards and incentives they’ll truly respond to.

Watch this month's webinar as we discuss how DISC assessments can help us with the challenge of retaining talent and how to increase employee retention.

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