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Recruiting Remotely during Covid-19

While the world copes with the novel Covid-19 pandemic, New Zealand businesses are facing an unprecedented challenge. While the damaging effects of the epidemic are inevitable, modifications in engagements with our suppliers, customers and employees can help cushion them.   

The 'work from home' culture has undoubtedly experienced a boom in recent times. Cloud applications and technology advances mean that many of us are already equipped to work without the traditional 'in office' systems.  

As the workforce transitions into a different way of working, it's important to remember that business can still operate in some capacity. Not only can people work from home online, but they can also be hired online.  

Hiring the best talent is a tedious process, from writing job descriptions, filtering through resumes, conducting interviews to negotiations.  

Recruiting purely via online channels comes with its own set of challenges too. With the proper tools in place, businesses can hire the right people for the right roles. Video conferencing allows companies to conduct interviews online, and eLearning tools help with onboarding and training. One of the best techniques is to administer a psychometric assessment tool as a pre-interview to save time and to assess soft skills.  

Psychometric Assessments are designed to help businesses uncover behavioural preferences of candidates, which can be hard to pick up on in only 1 or 2 interviews. Video conferencing makes picking up these cues even more challenging. Psychometric Assessments help recruiters understand the preferred learning style of your candidates, recognise potential causes of stress and understand their natural behavioural fit to the job skills - all before you hire them! 

Remote workers need a unique set of soft skills to complete their job and ensure timely deliverables.  Psychometric Assessments look closely at essential soft skills such as communication style, work ethic, and time management skills. Some of the best proven and leading assessment tools are Extended DISC Assessments. These assessments reveal the natural behavioural characteristics of an individual. Extended DISC assessments are powered by the FinxS Online System to give you even more flexibility over your candidate's results. Download your candidate's results against other report formats an unlimited number of times and pay nothing extra!  

Extended DISC Assessments are administered entirely online, so you can be assured of as little contact with the candidate as possible. HR Profiling Solutions provides you access to the system, training and guidance to businesses, coaches and organisations to help recruit the best talent for the right role.  

If you are looking to implement psychometric assessments into your hiring process, get in touch with one of our team to discuss the ideal solution for your needs. 

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