How to Optimise the Efficiency of your Sales Team

The capabilities of your sales team help your organisation to thrive. Competency assessments are vital to ensure organisational performance and help optimise the efficiency of your sales team. We are excited to launch our newest assessment tool, FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment. This assessment helps to drive the effectiveness of sales professionals and teams.

This revolutionary Sales Competence Assessment has been in development for over a year. Extended DISC International has worked very closely with top sales training companies and trainers to ensure these sales reports reveal comprehensive information to enhance the productivity of sales professionals.

Designed specifically for sales professionals, this breakthrough sales tool measures the attitude of a respondent towards key sales behaviours and captures the perception of their current level of competence. The Sales Competence Assessment provides in-depth information into critical sales competencies, sales roles, mindsets and includes the ground-breaking Excuse Index®.

FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment provides “uncannily accurate and quantified insights into how to work on the capabilities, behaviours and outcomes in a way that is ground breaking and certain to transform the Sales Process for any individual or organisation that seeks improvements and a lift in efficacy.” (David Hoath, Managing Director, Arlandria Ltd).

Sales Competencies

FinxS® Sales Competence Assessments identify a sales professional’s present level of proficiency in 18 critically important sales competencies for selling success.

  • Prospecting
  • Active Listening
  • Qualifying
  • Critical Thinking
  • Building Rapport
  • Ambition and Initiative
  • Process Orientation
  • Presenting
  • Goal Orientation
  • Time Management
  • Need for Approval
  • Dealing with Failure
  • Controlling the Sales Process
  • Determined Competitiveness
  • Handling Objections
  • Money Concept
  • Questioning Effectiveness
  • Emotional Involvement

The biggest challenge to the manager, coach or consultant is to identify where a sales person’s development areas are. FinxS® Sales Competency Assessments transform the way coaches understand sales people. Coaches and Managers can specifically target competencies, behaviours and skills that are coach-able and can be improved to help optimise sales efficiency. 

Sales Mindsets

Beyond the competences, the FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment measures the sales professionals’ mindsets. Sales mindsets are the way an individual identifies with their product and sales process, approaches solving sales problems and overcomes challenges. Mindsets can uncover self-defeating beliefs and attitudes that create obstacles to success in sales. Understanding the Sales Mindsets can help increase motivation and productivity of sales professionals. 

Excuse Index®

FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment also includes a Sales Excuse Index® that measures a salesperson’s current tendency to procrastinate on sales activities.

The lower the Excuse Index® percentage, the more likely a salesperson will focus on actions that produce sales results. The higher the Excuse Index®, the more likely the sales professional will find an excuse for not engaging in sales activities.

While the average Sales Excuse Index® is 35%, successful sales people have much lower scores.

Recruitment and Development Reports

Recruitment and Development versions of the Sales Competence Report are available now through our online assessment platform, FinxS.

FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment: Recruitment Version calculates a percentage match for eight different sales roles. So Managers can confidently hire the right fit for their role.

FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment: Development Version contains development plans based on the respondent’s results. Practical coaching tips and development plans provided in the assessment help jumpstart development and progress.

“This suite of tools is a must if you are in B2B sales recruitment, sales professional development or a leader who wants to know how to get the best from your team. Best tool of its kind I have seen in ten years of work in the global sales leadership advisory.” (Rob Hartnett, Director, The Hartnett Group).

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