About HR Profiling

Who We Are

HR Profiling Solutions Limited specialise in helping businesses of all sizes get the best from their people, empowering them to make informed choices and decisions in their human resource processes. The ultimate outcome of our workplace assessments is to have engaged and motivated people who are largely working to their natural behaviours, resulting in increased productivity and a healthier bottom line.

We use globally recognised and validated Extended DISC and FinxS behavioural assessment tools and have been the official Australian distributor for the past 25 years. We are the only authorised providers of Extended DISC Level 3 Master Training in Australia.

Extended DISC International is a leading global supplier of assessment systems, with representation in over 70 countries. Our assessment quetionnaires are available in over 80 languages.  

We're always approachable and passionate about providing tailored solutions to clients to help enhance organisational performance.


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Our Values

Teamwork: we listen to, encourage and support each other and our clients.
Customer Care: we understand, determine and deliver what our customers want with a high standard of workmanship and professionalism in a timely manner. Relationships: we build sincere long lasting relationships through communication and actions.
Excellence: we strive for excellence and quality in every aspect of our work.
Diversity: we understand other's differences and ensure we demonstrate an awareness of this in our daily activities.
Continuous Improvement: we continuously look to improve our knowledge and processes.
Integrity: we will do the right thing.

Our People:


Clyde Colson

Managing Director

Clyde is the leading authority on Extended DISC in Australasia. Clyde has attended all World Meetings and presented with Extended DISC throughout Australasia. DISC Style: ISC

Dayl Colson


Dayl has an extensive knowledge of Extended DISC and FinxS methodology. Her financial advice and contribution to the success of HR Profiling is profound. DISC Style: DCS

Katarina Gibson

Account & Product Specialist

Katarina’s high standard of customer service, office and account management, recruitment and HR knowledge provide great support for our clients and the HRP team. DISC Style: SCI

Kelly Fairhurst

General Manager

With her creative flair and vast product knowledge of both Extended DISC and FinxS, Kelly has helped to produce customised solutions for many businesses. DISC Style: IDS

Michelle Pelser

Account & Product Specialist

Michelle’s outstanding experience in client relations lends itself to creating unique customer interactions and providing customised solutions for our clients. DISC Style: SCI

Rosamund Rendall

Content & Client Specialist

Rosamund enjoys combining friendly customer service with her passion for the written word and keen eye for detail to assist clients and add value to our products. DISC Style: ICS

Our Assessment Tools

Extended DISC Assessments

Extended DISC provides you with information to maximise the performance of your employees. Enhance teamwork, communication and development.

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Sales Competence Assessment

Designed to strengthen and streamline learning, the assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales competences.

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Cognitive Ability Assessment

FinxS Reasoning Analysis is designed to measure and evaluate an individual’s reasoning skills in nine different areas required in a professional environment.

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Create fully customisable, action-orientated Surveys from Employee Engagement and Climate Surveys to Customer Satisfaction.

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Open 360s

Create action-orientated Open 360 Reviews A fantastic tool for management reviews, leadership development, team building and performance appraisals.

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FinxS Online Platform

FinxS is the world’s most advanced online assessment system. Coaches and HR Managers can administer a range of  assessments from one cloud-based platform.

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