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Get the best from people, improve performance and your bottom line with the worlds most advanced workplace behavioural assessments.

Workplace Assessment Solutions

Extended DISC Assessments

Extended DISC provides you with information to maximise the performance of your employees. Enhance teamwork, communication and development.

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Sales Competence Assessment

Designed to strengthen and streamline learning, the assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales competences.

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Cognitive Ability Test

FinxS Cognitive Ability tests are designed to measure and evaluate an individual’s reasoning skills in nine different areas required in a professional environment.

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Open 360s

Create action-orientated Open 360 Reviews A fantastic tool for management reviews, leadership development, team building and performance appraisals.

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Create fully customisable, action-orientated Surveys from Employee Engagement and Climate Surveys to Customer Satisfaction.

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FinxS Online Platform

Get to the bottom of people problems, quickly and confidently, with FinxS, a groundbreaking online assessment platform. 

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FinxS Online Platform

FinxS®, a groundbreaking online assessment platform, is coaches preferred choice of tool. Get to the bottom of people problems quickly and confidently, with an extensive suite of workplace tools, available from one online platform. Individual assessments can be tailored specifically, with a choice of over 1500 behavioural competencies and the ability to white-label reports. Leaving the consultant in total control and able to meet their clients needs precisely.  

DISC and Sales Accreditation

Add value to your toolbox and increase your marketability by becoming an Extended DISC® Accredited Practitioner. Learn to confidently deliver and debrief DISC profiles, facilitate DISC workshops, and much more. Earn a Sales Competence Certification, so you can expertly use the sales tool with your people to increase sales performance.

About HR Profiling

HR Profiling Solutions provide assessment tools for Business Coaches, Consultants, HR Practitioners and Organisations. We are the only Master Distributor of Extended DISC® and FinxS® Psychometric Assessments in Australia. With 20+ years experience and one million assessments completed annually in over 50 countries we are the experts in DISC and workplace assessment tools.

What our customers are saying

The HR Profiling team have provided excellent service and support and have gone above and beyond on many occasions. Their training for Level 1 Practitioner and Level 2 Consultant is excellent and has allowed us to fully utilise Extended DISC and apply it to the organisation.

Brett Honisett
L & D Manager - Europcar

The new Sales Competency Tools from Extended DISC are outstanding. Breakthrough assessments of mindset, excuse index and the ability to map competency to behaviours makes this suite of tools a must if you are in B2B sales recruitment or sales professional development.

Rob Hartnett
Founder - robhartnett.com

Our relationship with HR Profiling and the insights gained from using Extended DISC has been instrumental in allowing us to successfully deliver a range of complex projects to our clients. I have always found the team at HR profiling to be highly professional and helpful.

Andre van der Merwe
Managing Director - Verity Consulting

HR Profiling Solutions' Blog

WEBINAR: Unleash your Leadership Potential

Leading people with different behavioural styles is difficult at the best of times and even more challenging with dispersed groups of people working from home. Our latest webinar includes practical advice on using assessment tools to help you get the best from your leadership style.

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Recruiting Remotely during Covid-19
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Identifying DISC Styles Virtually
Communication is one of the biggest hurdles virtual teams have to overcome. Without face-to-face interaction, we can miss out on so many communication cues. Here's how DISC can help.